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From Mushers to Entrepreneurs: The Captivating Alaska Journey of Ryne Olson

Welcome to the Soul Summit Podcast, where we work to bridge the gap for women and families in the outdoors.

In this episode, join co-host Kelly Reynolds and her special guest, Ryne Olson, as they venture deep into the heart of Alaska, uncovering tales of resilience, passion, and boundless exploration.

Ryne isn't your average adventurer. She's a powerhouse, a force of nature who has left her mark on the Alaskan landscape in more ways than one. Renowned as an accomplished musher, Ryne has conquered the grueling Yukon Quest and Iditarod races multiple times, pushing the limits of human endurance while forging unbreakable bonds with her loyal sled dogs.

But Ryne's story is far from confined to the sled dog trails. As the proud owner of a thriving tour company in Two Rivers, Alaska, she has transformed her passion for Alaska's wilderness into a thriving business. Specializing in sled dog and reindeer tours, Ryne's company, Chena Outdoor Co.(, is a testament to her love for the wild and her entrepreneurial spirit, offering travelers a chance to experience the magic of Alaska firsthand.

As a pilot, backcountry hunter, and all-around adventurer, Ryne has explored every corner of the Last Frontier, from navigating treacherous terrain to soaring

above majestic landscapes in search of new thrills and challenges.

What truly sets Ryne apart, however, is not just her impressive skill set but her unwavering work ethic and determination. She embodies the spirit of someone who dared to chase her dreams relentlessly, refusing to be deterred by the obstacles in her path. As a proficient musher, entrepreneur, and adventurer, Ryne has become a beacon of inspiration for those who dare to dream big and pursue their passions with unwavering dedication.

In this captivating episode of the Soul Summit Podcast, get ready to be inspired as Ryne shares her tales of triumph and tribulation, offering insights and wisdom drawn from a lifetime of daring adventures in one of the world's most rugged places.

For more information on Ryne's adventures, visit or follow her on Facebook at


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