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EP 012 - Battle The Burnout

Today’s podcast is going to be about shifting gears and perspectives as I sit down in the comfort of our backyard with my partner, and better half Steven Dahn. This show is a little more off the cuff, and carries some great food for thought, and we get some much needed male perspective.

I wanted to cover a few topics that are very important and commonly over looked or over thought. Steven has a long history of working with women of all ages and has a very unique male perspective of some of the struggles we face as women.

In this episode we cover:

•How women tend to spread our “bandwidth” a bit thin and leave ourselves as last on the list.

•Advice for the fellas on how to “listen to your lady” instead of trying to fix all her problems.

•The trouble of not asking for help and the power that comes along with being a little vulnerable by asking for help.

•Having too much skin in the game and forgetting about our to do list and checking in with what really fills our cup.

With the sun shining and a cool spring breeze, Steven and I talk about all the unwritten and often unseen responsibilities of busy women and how we need to focus on taking over the world with some help rather than trying to do it alone.

Getting to the "Burnout" is easy to do and more often than not we find ourself ready to throw in the towel before we even get sight of the finish line. So are there steps we can implement along the way to keep the burnout at bay, and cultivate successes? Jump into this conversation, and find some new perspective.

Find more from Steven on Instagram, or Facebook.

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