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EP 009 - Momming Like A Badass

with Shelby Lynn Halladay

Let me just start by saying, this chick is a stud. Mom of two, competitive athlete, Oregon bighorn sheep record holder, motivator, and all around kick ass lady.

I was honored to sit down with Shelby Lynn Halladay and get to know her and her story even deeper. I walked away from this interview inspired to keep setting and smashing goals, and think you will be too.

Shelby is a woman I have watched from the sidelines for quite some time and I am always impressed with her drive to better herself, love on her family and tackle giant goals.

Not only is she raising two beautiful daughters, but she is teaching them from a young age how to navigate life, love yourself, and take challenges head on, by staying true to yourself.

In this episode we talk about pregnancy, getting your body back after having a baby, and how taking time for yourself is a must when it comes to maintaining balance, and happiness as a mom.

Whether she is competing in CrossFit competition or out climbing mountains, Shelby is always driven by the challenge, and finding ways to take things to the next level. This woman is a serious force in life.

Shelby also walks us through her once in a life bighorn sheep hunt in Oregon, and even years later still holds the record Oregon ram.

Even with a once in a lifetime tag Shelby made a decision to go all in, make this hunt an unforgettable experience, and do it all DIY. See her ram story here, and see how it all unfolded.

I think you’ll enjoy this episode and take away some extra motivation.

See more from Shelby on Instagram or on Facebook.

This episode is sponsored by Nutrition Realigned. If you are ready to change your health and fitness, get ready for an upcoming hunt, regain energy or confidence, and make 2019 awesome, head to and use code 'HERINSPIRED' at checkout for 20% off Nutrition or Training packages.

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