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EP 025 - How to Choose and Fit the Right Pack with Dayna Monroe

We have a RETURNING guest, and I am always happy to catch up, chat, and connect with Dayna Monroe. I had the pleasure of heading to KIFARU HQ in Colorado last month, and of course, it was great to see what they have going on and chat with everyone at the shop.

Before we outline today's show, I want to let you know about my exciting news. I have collaborated with Wilderness Athlete to build a community of Women, and to help support, educate, and motivate. This will allow women to learn to read their body better, understand what they need to be their best, hit their goals, and stay on course.

We will be helping you learn about your caloric needs, metabolism, give you advice on how to maximize your results, and the best training tools for your body type.

There will be so many benefits and support in this group, and I HIGHLY encourage you to get signed up and join this group of women. Click here to get involved.

This episode of The Her Inspired Journey Podcast is all about understanding your needs, and fit when it comes to your pack. Having the right fit, adjusted correctly, and having the right size bag for your needs is important, and Dayna outlines all those needs on the show.

You can see more from Dayna on Instagram, and Facebook, and of course you can see all the gear, bags, packs and shelters on and follow along on Instagram.

Want to see videos on how to fit your KIFARU pack correctly and tips for carrying out heavy loads? Find them here.

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