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EP 026 - That Hike Life with Krista Magnussen

I think that we can all agree, seeing pictures from the summit of a gorgeous mountain makes us want to see it first hand, at least in theory.

In today's episode with friend, and badass climber Krista Magnussen we chat about how you can get on the trail and soak up these experiences first hand. We cover safety aspects, gear lists, and how to go about getting to your first summit.

Krista and I also talk about nurturing kids experiences in the outdoors, and how as parents or mentors we can help them find their own passions.

Krista has put together a great checklist that will help you plan for your next adventure. From easy day trip hikes to your first big summit, she covers what you'll need, and the essentials you will always want to bring with you.

Click here for the Checklist.

You can also reach out to Krista with questions, or advice. Find her on Instagram or on Facebook.

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