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EP 030 - Hunting Season Prep

Someday's it seemed like hunting season would never arrive, and now all of a sudden HERE IT IS. With season opener sneaking closer I thought I would take the time to jam out a solo episode and talk about how I build endurance for the mountain, and some of my tried and true ways of getting my body in top shape for the hunt.

In this episode, I lay out the foundation, and guidelines for building endurance, overcoming the desire to overdo cardio, and what to focus on if you want to spend more time FEELING YOUR best this season.

As promised I also wanted to include some preseason packing lists, and gear ideas to make sure your next outing is successful! Check out what some of the previous Her Inspired Journey guests have outlined for you.

Find Krista Magnussen's every day hike list here.

Need a hunting list for big game? Check out Gina Shively's sheep hunt gear guide here.

I also want to remind you that I am here to answer your questions and make sure that you are well on your way to a happy, healthy, fit future. Send me your questions, or comments at

Have an idea or topic for the show? Send them to the e-mail above - YOU are the foundation of my mission at Her Inspired.

For those who are ready to have a Coach and Personal Trainer to keep you accountable and take your fitness to the next level, head over to Her Inspired Fitness and let's get this going. No matter where you live, or what your schedule is, we will build a plan to suit your lifestyle and your goals.

Right now for a (super) limited time, I am opening up my coaching at a MAJOR discount. $37 a month will get you IN and get you a custom online plan to keep you heading toward success.

**USE THE CODE "GOTIME" here to lock in the deal while seats are still open.

Remember, putting in the work now will lead you to success. Chose your path, and MAKE IT HAPPEN.

This episode is proudly supported by:

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