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EP 011 - Purse the Wild

Do you ever look at a woman and think, “how the heck do you do it all?” That’s exactly what I wonder when I chat with my friend Kristy Titus. This is truly a woman who is doing it all, and living a big life!

On this episode we decide to roll with the punches and chase a few rabbit holes, which is always easy to do when we’re together. Kristy opens up about her life growing up, and the content in this podcast is so rich we’re going to have to plan another episode to follow up.

As women it can be hard to navigate the kitchen, keep a healthy perspective on food, and maintain balance with our bodies, and we all have struggles in this area. Sometimes hearing from other women, and listening to what they’ve gone through, and overcome can help us create and accomplish successes of our own.

Kristy opens up about her struggle with weight growing up, and how the experiences she had in her younger years has helped her develop a way of life that keeps her striving for her best life.

We also dig into our favorite nutritional supplements, give tips for finding health even in later years, and outline the Wilderness Athlete 28 Day Challenge.

We talk about her first love for the outdoors, building a bonding relationship and gaining confidence with her mules, and growing up in a family that took conservation seriously.

Kristy is a woman who pushes herself to always achieve more and holds herself to a high standard when it comes to following her dreams and living intentionally.

She is one hell of an elk caller, a bad ass hunter, a passionate mentor, and a strong leader. Dive into this episode and find bits of encouragement from nutrition to the backcountry.

Want to follow what Kristy is up to? Check out her Digital Series Pursue the Wild, or follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

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