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Roaming with Kelly Reynolds: Our Bold & Adventurous Second Co-Host!

In this episode of the Soul Summit Podcast, Courtney chats with Kelly Reynolds, our second co-host of the season, joining us from the rugged landscapes of Alaska. Kelly, a passionate outdoorswoman, shares her journey as a female hunter, revealing the challenges she's faced and the triumphs she's celebrated in a traditionally male-dominated arena.

Growing up in the Alaskan wilderness, Kelly's passion for the outdoors was ignited at a young age. However, her path as a female hunter was far from conventional. Kelly shares candidly about the obstacles she encountered, navigating through societal norms and gender stereotypes. Her story connects with many women who have ventured off the beaten path, finding comfort and empowerment within nature.

The conversation takes a turn as Kelly reflects on the transformative influence of social media in reshaping the narrative around women in outdoor pursuits. Through platforms like Instagram and YouTube, Kelly has found a community of like-minded individuals challenging stereotypes and fostering a supportive environment for women and families in the outdoors. Together, they are rewriting the script, proving that the wild places know no gender.

As the discussion continues, Kelly shares valuable insights from her outdoor adventures. From the importance of self-advocacy to the courage required to step into the unknown, Kelly's journey is a testament to the invaluable life lessons found amidst the wilderness. The conversation explores the dynamics of teamwork, offering practical advice for couples seeking to share their love for the wild. They also talk about ethics and boundaries in hunting partnerships, stressing the importance of clear communication and shared values.

In a time of extensive social media use, Kelly and Courtney discuss hunters' duty to maintain the sacredness of their craft. They encourage a return to traditional values, prioritizing respect for nature and the hunt over the popularity of online likes and follows.

As the conversation draws to a close, Kelly and Courtney offer empowering words to women venturing into the hunting world. Strength, independence, and steadfast commitment to personal values emerge as guiding principles, paving the way for a new generation of fearless adventurers.

Tune in for an enriching dialogue celebrating the unyielding spirit of women in the great outdoors. Whether you're a seasoned hunter or an aspiring adventurer, Kelly's journey serves as a beacon of inspiration, reminding us all to embrace the wild within and embark on our own outdoor journey.

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