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A Woman, Her Bow, and a Muskox

with Britt Lueck

Imagine what it would feel like to draw a true once-in-a-lifetime tag? Maybe you have been lucky enough to do so already, but if you’re like most of us, then you’re still waiting for that stroke of luck that points to you. In episode 72 of the Her Inspired Journey podcast, I am joined by guest Britt Lueck of Alaska.

Not only did Britt get chosen to be one of the 45 people allocated a harvest tag for a Muskox but it was her first year applying for the opportunity!

After the excitement of drawing the dag, Britt went to work getting everything planned out, transportation to Nunivak Island arranged, gear carefully selected, and her bow/ rifle dialed in and ready.

Tune in to the full episode here to listen in as we hear just how this went down, the end result, and what happened after she belly crawled for nearly an hour across the frigid tundra!

Want to know more about Britt? Check out what she had to say in this exclusive interview.

Q: Tell us a bit about your life

Britt: "I grew up in Wisconsin in a small town called DeForest. Most of my time in high school was spent playing soccer. I played for 13 years. I wasn’t really ever exposed to hunting and fishing until college. I went to UW Platteville. I met some of my best friends there and dove headfirst into duck hunting and learning to fish for trout. I bought my bow as a freshman in 2013.

Shortly after, I met my now-husband, Taylor, and continued finding joy in the outdoors. I started turkey hunting, waterfowl hunting, bow hunting whitetail deer, rabbit, and squirrel hunting, basically everything you can do outdoors in Wisconsin.

We graduated, got married, and started working in corporate America. It took all of about 6 months before we knew we wanted to move across the country. I was thinking of Portland, but Taylor was set on Alaska.

We had honeymooned in Alaska, so I knew it was beautiful but I wasn’t sure it was where I wanted to live. Until we got a job offer we couldn’t resist. Taylor was offered a Maintenance Engineering position for a remote fish hatchery at Hidden Falls in SouthEast Alaska. They also offered me an Office Facilitator position. We had nothing to lose. So we packed up our belongings in 6 totes and set out for what would set the foundation for the rest of our lives.

Hidden Falls was an amazing experience. We bought our first boat and learned how to deep-sea fish for halibut, rock-fish, yellow-eye. We harvested our first Black Tail Deer, hiked up to Mountain Goats, lived, literally, with the brown bears. Given it was a fish hatchery, the bears were not underfed.

We decided to start a family and shortly after found out we were pregnant with our son. I wasn’t prepared to have a baby in such a remote location. Taylor changed jobs and his new company moved us down to Portland, OR. It took me two weeks to know I left my soul in Alaska.

We moved back up to Alaska in 2019 and bought a house 6 months later. If you’ve ever been to Alaska, you know it has a way of capturing your heart. We’ll never leave."

Q: What do you wish you could go back and tell your younger self?

Britt: "Be yourself, unapologetically. Do everything that interests you without fear of judgment."

Q: What is your biggest piece of advice or encouragement you’d like to give those who may be struggling with life?

Britt: "So many of us struggle in silence. It’s hard to even acknowledge when we're in a rough spot. Invest everything into your health. Mental health and physical health are so important. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help."

Do you want to see more Britt content? Head over and check out her YouTube to stay up to date on all her adventures!

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Sally Kisely
Sally Kisely
Mar 17, 2021

Britt truly embraces the outdoor, conservationist, fitness, mom, and Alaska life! I love hearing this story! She also really inspires the athletes she coaches in so many ways. Congrats again on that beautiful musk ox!

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