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EP 033 - Q&A Your Questions Answered [pt2]

Are you ready for some more Q & A? I am joined in this episode by a few good friends, and fellow outdoorsmen Jess Harris, Steven Dahn, and Zach Zenner. Together we answer more questions sent in by you all.

Check out some of the questions we cover on this episode:

Q: What compound bow do you recommend for a beginner bow hunter? I’ve always hunted with a rifle and last season I dappled with a crossbow and it enjoyed it so I'm excited to learn more. - Michelle, Wyoming

Q: How do you know if you can make a good hunting team? Whether it’s with your new lady friend or significant other… -Jessica, Oregon

Q: What exactly do you and your husband take on a multiple-day trips into the woods? Food and water-wise... Jon, South Carolina

Q: What are the best dietary changes someone could make to lose weight? I’m at a plateau. -John, Montana. For more on this topic head back and tune into -EP 031 Simple Ways to Increase Your Metabolism

Q: How do you gauge the proper pack training weight for you? Everyone is different so it can be tough to strike the balance between pushing your limits and risk of injury. - Caitlin, Utah, and winner of the Women’s Train to Hunt Nationals Elite Division. Dive in further with all the details in EP 025 How to Choose and Fit the Right Pack with Dayna Monroe

Q: What are the most overrated and underrated pieces of hunting gear in your opinion? - Case, Colorado

Have questions on what should go on your hunting gear checklist when it’s time to load up and hit the road? Sign up and download my Hunting Checklist here.

Other links discussed in the show:

Dark Timber Coffee. Have you tried the Vapor Packs? 100% best “instant coffee mix” I’ve EVER had in the backcountry. As long as these guys keep making them, I’ll keep buying them.

Backcountry Fuel Box. (use code HERINSPIRED10 for a discount on your Backcountry Fuel Box membership). This is the PERFECT way to try out a variety of backcountry meals, snacks, and more!

G4 Archery. This shop is one of my very favorite places to be! Hop over to see them in Hillsboro, Oregon.

Wilderness Athlete. Are you a part of the Women of WA community? Every week we hook you up with actionable content, training tips, nutrition hacks, and so much more. Head over and see what’s going on for yourself. Check it out!

Want more from Her Inspired Journey? Zoom on over to the website and get more content. You can find health, hunting and lifestyle blogs, more podcast episodes, and the latest happenings.

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