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EP 038 - Form New Habits and Become a Morning Person

Chances are if you're tuning into this episode of the Her Inspired Journey podcast it's because you found yourself rushing through the day only to realize, yet again, your list of to do's didn't get done.

From managing a business to family, daily "to-do's", and outside obligations, life is downright busy, and that doesn't even address trying to find time to socialize. So how do you create more time to be productive, and pursue BIG things? Jump in and find out how you can implement new habits and create a morning routine that allows you to make the progress you want.

In this episode, we will outline simple steps you can use immediately to change your old ways, start the day with more energy, and move the needle in your life.

Maybe you want to go back to school, change careers, start a family, increase your income, or just find some "you time" - start by tuning into the show.

You can also read the article, Becoming a Morning Person, as well as download the free Weekly Goals Sheet and begin planning out productive mornings.

It's time to put your best effort into the day and reap the benefits a couple more hours can allow.

Additional links:

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For those who have a hard time winding down, shutting off the brain, and getting good sleep, check out the non-habit-forming supplement Unplug by Wilderness Athlete and get the rest your body and brain needs.

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Find the full episode here:

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