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Get a Plan and Do the Work

with Kristin Retterath

Whether you came here after listening to Her Inspired Journey Podcast or found us right from the blog we are excited to have you here!

In episode 71 we sit down with our guest Kristin Retterath and talk about top ways to save money in the household, how and why removing toxic cleaners, products, and beauty from your home is so important, as well as overcoming hurdles and building a plan for success.

Kristin is a busy momma, a hunter, gatherer, and entrepreneur. I’ve looked up to Kristin for her tips on saving money in the home and her wholesome lifestyle.

Q: Tell us a little bit about your background, Kristin?

Kristin: "I grew up in a small town in ND, just outside of Grand Forks. I was a huge tomboy, growing up spending most of my time either playing sports, riding a jet ski, skiing at the lake, or just being outside with my dad and siblings. I loved all things athletic and was never afraid to try something new.

My Mom played basketball for UND so sports were all I really knew growing up. I had a sister 3 years older than me that always allowed me to tag along with her and her friends, which resulted in a love for all sorts of sports. I played basketball, volleyball, and softball all into adulthood, but excelled at volleyball. It was naturally a gift of mine given my height. It was the love of my life growing up and the thing you’d always find me doing. I played almost year-round by the time I was in high school. I went on to play college VB for a year before my knee injuries brought that to a halt.

I went to college to be a teacher. Graduated with my undergrad in Elementary Education, Early childhood Education, and Coaching in 3.5 years. Went on to get my Master’s degree as a Special Education strategist and taught in the public school system for 7 years before we were relocated to South Dakota for Brady’s job. We’ve been here ever since. I also owned a photography business for 12 years that started as a hobby and then turned into a job when we moved to SD. I’ve done all sorts of portrait photography but also content for a variety of hunting companies as well. I hunt up that hat in 2020 to focus more on health and wellness.

Injuries and chronic health conditions have always been a part of my life. I was born with a Pulmonary stenosis and other cardiac issues that I’ve always had to deal with, but also was ALWAYS sick growing up with something. Mono, strep that wouldn’t go away, chronic migraines, concussions, broken leg, both ACL & MCL reconstructions, acne for 20 years, and a perfectionist past that led to disordered eating when VB was over. In adulthood, issues holding onto pregnancies (6 pregnancies, only 3 to term) and a diagnosis of Celiac Disease and multiple food allergies at the age of 27 resulted in major lifestyle changes."

As a woman who’s overcome many health obstacles and trials throughout her entire life, she has become one driven and resilient woman.

Q: How did you get started in hunting and the Outdoors?

Kristin: "I didn’t hunt or know ANYTHING about it until I met Brady. I had just finished playing VB when I met him and just wanted to spend more time with him. I’m obviously a competitive person so the “sport” aspect of it was appealing. Not even a couple of weeks into dating he took me to Gander Mountain and bought me a bow (I was afraid of rifles at this point), and fully outfitted me in men’s camo. We spent most of our dates in the tree stand or shooting our bows and now it’s what we do with our family!"

On top of Kristin’s Top Tips For Saving Money (whoop whoop), we also discuss removing toxic products from your home, and how to live a “cleaned up” lifestyle on this episode.

Check out the full episode here to snatch up all the good tips and conversation! Or you can send us a message to learn more about cleaning up your home and removing harmful toxins for yourself!

Tips to save money in the household that any family can do:

  • Simplify your shopping experience. Shop online and pick up! This makes you stick to your list and only add to your cart what you need!

  • Make a list of things that you use regularly/daily and buy those in bulk. We make our own almond milk, so almonds, cashews, oatmeal. These are things we use every single day, so buying them in bulk and storing them in containers can be the difference between saving a LOT of money!

  • Ditch cable and get outside- We’ve been a cable-free family for 7 years and it’s been the BEST. We have Hulu for the kids, but no overpriced cable.

  • Eat at home! The average American family spends almost $300 a month on eating out.

  • If you love specialty things, learn to make them at home. Those lattes, kombucha, paleo mayo, all can be made at home quite simply!

  • Use apps to earn cashback

  • Shop Club Marketplace - send us a message for more information!

  • Rewards credit cards you can use as a debit card and just transfer money.

Remember, no matter how or when you start to make healthy changes to your life start small.

Don't overwhelm yourself with too many things at once - good things take time!

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