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She's a Huntin' Fool

I pray your circle is filled with the kind of people that make your world a better place to be. In this episode of the Her Inspired Journey Podcast, I jump online with the woman behind the brand Follow Her Arrow, Jessica Byers. Although just this chicks smile could light up the room, her attitude, connection to the outdoors, and the way she lives out her passions is a breath of fresh air. Without warning we get to catching up on "life" as it unfolds these days, celebrating the small victories, and enjoying the commonalities we share. From her and I's shared experiences, to current times and her big move to Utah, there are several "ah-ha" moments, that, even for me, bring a sense of grounding.

Listen in to the full episode here. All episodes can be found on the Apple Podcast app, Stitcher, Podbean, and Spotify.

We also get to talking about what sparked her move to the mountains, how living on faith kept her and her husband inspired, and her new role at Huntin' Fool. If you learn toward authentic, caring, and hard-working folks, Jess is your kind of people. Find more from her @followherarrow, and be sure to connect with her at Huntin' Fool. For those of you getting ready for adventure, be sure and head to SAWYER.COM to stock up on Permetherin and reduce your risk for Lyme Disease.

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